The foxes that strive to bring your even to the next level

Mary, creator





Our Foxes spend many hours dedicating themselves to rehearsals to make sure that your uniquely formed fire performance experience is more than what you are expecting. We are constantly furthering our education whether it is keeping up-to-date on fire codes set forth by the Fire Marshall, getting new licensing, learning a new fire apparatus, or expanding what we know on the already existing fire apparatuses that we currently work with. Our goal is to mesmerize your guests all while we maintain a safe working space to make your event the best.


When creator, Mary McKenzie, went looking for a fire troupe that has a high level of professionalism, elegance, class, edge, safety, and flare, it was impossible to find. She has dedicated her time and invested in creating a fire arts troupe that exceeds that image. With her many years in the fire arts field, she decided it was time to create just that image. It has taken many years and collaborators to get the Fahrenheit Foxes to just the right caliber that they are now. We are always looking to make your event the next biggest thing!

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