If you have a general question that you would like answered by one of our Foxes please send us an email and your question may get posted below!

Is what you do safe?

Our Foxes invest a lot of time to insure that we are the most up to date on all safety practices. All of our Foxes are also individually insured for that addition peace of mind. We do keep in mind that the element we are working with is fire and we keep a very health respect for that in mind at all times.

What fuels do you use?

The fuels we use are what are, traditionally in the fire industry, referred to as white gas. This is normally Coleman's Camping Fuel or Crown camping fuel. It is a highly flammable fuel that burns bright. We also use combustible fuels depending on what we are asked to perform. Our go to fuel for combustible is normally an ultra pure lamp oil or tiki torch fuel.

Do you perform during the day?

Yes, Darkness is idea for viewing fire shows, but the fire still looks very impressive during the day!

How long are your performances?

We cutsomize the length of our shows to fit your needs.

Are you insured?

Absolutely! we have fire performer's insurance through Specialty Insurance Agency.

How do I book a performance?

Please fill out our contact form or email us at and we will get back with you quickly to discuss the details of your event and desired performance.

how can i learn to be a fire artist?

Whatever you do, please seek out a trained professional to learn from in person. Do not watch videos on the internet and always have a safety on hand at all times when you are fire spinning.

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