The foxes that strive to bring your even to the next level

Fire Dancing

Fire fans, staff, palms, and poi bring a stunning level of elegance to any event. Our Foxes are professionally trained fire dancers that are insured and will bring a safe level of luminescence to your event that has never been seen before. With well over a decade of experience in bring your event to flaming new heights. We are sure that we can give your event just that added flare.

Fire Eating

Fire eating is one of the most recognized fire arts and allows our Foxes to give a very up close and personal view to your guests. Fire eating became a main stay for fire performers in the 1880s on most sideshow circuits. Today, we bring this highly skill required fire art directly to you.

Fire Breathing

Fire breathing is one of the most exciting fire arts and the most recognized. Our Foxes will burst their way, with a high level of excitement, into the minds of your guests! They will be blown away by the level of training and safety that we pride ourselves on. Your event will be one that is remembered and talked about for years to come.


Our Foxes are dedicate to give your event a unique fire experience that is individually created for your needs. We are adaptable to any situation or environment. If your event has a theme, we can costume or dress accordingly. We also have LED equipment upon request.

We are the fit for you! If you have additions questions, please contact us, and we will give you a very prompt response


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